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LCA Strategic Plan

On behalf of the Lancaster City Alliance (LCA) Board of Directors and Leadership
Teams, we are proud to enclose our 2016-2018 Strategic Game Plan. This Plan
is intended to inspire and guide our efforts in leading the growth and development
of our great City of Lancaster.
Now three years old, LCA saw fit to measure our progress via a formal organizational
assessment, conducted earlier this year, in order to further refine and focus our body
of work. As you know, we prioritize community and economic development, quality of life and engaging in meaningful partnerships; and the assessment recommendations led us to our new Strategic Game Plan. This Plan embraces our core activities, including Building On Strength (the 15-year economic development plan for the City) and inspires our growing, evolving organization.
Please take the time to review our Vision (unchanged), Mission, Aspirations and
Measures that we feel confident will lead us to the stated Community Benefit.
As a community asset, LCA is honored to represent our collective interests, passions
and ambitions, and to bring to fruition our hopes and dreams of a City that succeeds
for all our residents!

The LCA Staff

Strong Community. Strong Economy. Vibrant City.
Unleashing Lancaster’s Future.
Through daring conversations, unique partnerships and measurable outcomes, deliver on our stated Aspirations.

Curating and Engaging the Community
• Maintain and grow the respect and participation within our community as a trusted advisor and an organization that gets things done within the City
• Be recognized and valued through investment as a collaborative yet distinctive
organization that places high priority on intentional partnerships focused on quality
of life and economic growth
• Solidify our role as a prominent communicator of global city news and events
Implementing Building On Strength
• Build on the economic momentum of the City through execution of the Building On Strength strategic plan
Strengthening Neighborhoods
• Enable vibrant neighborhoods where empowerment drives involvement and leadership in community development
• Understand and perform to the expectations of an attractive and welcoming city as
a primary owner of clean and safe strategies
• Manage the impact, performance and growth of the DID

Growing and Sustaining the Organization
• Further leverage our structure of Board Governance and Executive Leadership Teams to vigorously advance organizational priorities to create uncommon results                                     • Commit to a plan of long-range sustainability that allows for consistent and reliable   contribution to the community and encourages increasing donor support
• Be an organization that increases leadership diversity to represent and reflect the
• Align staff growth and development with essential opportunities
• Meet and exceed peer expectations in advising strategies and impacting quantifiable   results
• Measure distinction through planned growth in revenue and continue commitment to structured engagement with essential partners
• Increase our social media reach
• Utilize stated Building On Strength outcomes to measure progress of the Plan’s        implementation
• Manage and report progress in the four quadrants and seven commercial hubs, and lead 1-2 specific and organized strategies per year. Included, opportunities to provide revenue-   generating contracted technical assistance
• Meet stated Ambassador and Clean Team volume goals, and reduce ambassador                    turnover
• Continue to develop the Governance Board and recommend changes to the number,
composition and charter of our respective Executive Leadership Teams
• Commit to the professional development of the LCA Team
• Maintain and promote a healthy relationship with the public sector, prioritizing City Hall
and County leadership
• Outperform stated budget in each fiscal period
We aim to influence, lead and implement strategies in building a world-class City,
a City that embraces fresh ideas, success for all and inclusionary practices. We take
on our role as private sector contributors with pride and respect, and look to be a
valued community asset and integral partner in achieving an extraordinary quality of life.