• Ambassadors Spring 2

    Bike Squad at Clipper Magazine Stadium

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    Binns Park Fountain

  • harvest-day-mrkt-030215

    Central Market during Harvest Breakfast

  • clay-street-roofline-030215

    Roof lines along Clay Street

  • lancaster-city-skyline-P1180021

    The City Grows as a Choice Location for
    Regional Expansions & Corporate Headquarters



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Mayor’s Commission to Combat Poverty Report – One Good Job

The goal of the Mayor’s Commission to Combat Poverty Report, titled One Good Job, is to cut poverty in half in Lancaster City in 15 years.  Poverty is a complex issue and in order to advance solutions for people living in poverty, the recommendations related to Workforce, Education, Housing and Community are aimed at eliminating- not managing- poverty for our estimated 16,000 residents currently experiencing poverty.  LCA Vice President Shelby Nauman served on the Commission’s work-group and the Lancaster City Alliance tracks per capita income and housing units as part of the 15-year Building On Strength Plan.

Fig Lancaster: City of Makers

LANCASTER IS A CITY of makers. Creating. Innovating. Collaborating.
There is a rhythm to our city. It’s fast. It’s authentic. It has soul. There is a sense of community. It’s fun. It’s fresh. It has flavor.

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