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Building On Strength

City of Lancaster Economic Development Strategic Plan

Project Overview & Purpose

Since 1998, Lancaster has been working from strategies and recommendations that were outlined in a well-developed community plan: Lancaster’s Economic Development Action Agenda (LDR Plan). This plan, which reacted to the need to stimulate economic development, has been responsible for shaping much of what has been accomplished in Lancaster over the past several years. These milestones have included Clipper Magazine Stadium, The Lancaster County Convention Center and Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, a vibrant (and growing) arts community; and the development of major educational and entertainment venues.

Today, 15 years after the release of that leading document, Lancaster is poised for a bright future. Rather than reacting to economic challenges, the City has an opportunity to build upon the strengths and opportunities that Lancaster has gained from the years of strong economic growth. Seeing this potential and at the request of and in partnership with the City; the Lancaster City Alliance (LCA) is proudly leading the effort to develop a new economic development strategy for the City of Lancaster’s Downtown and neighborhood commercial corridors .

Quarterly Progress Reports

Edition 01 | Q4 2015

Edition 2 | Q1 2016

Edition 3 | Q2 2016

Edition 4 | Q3 2016

Edition 5 | Q4 2016

Edition 6 | Q1 2017

Edition 7 | Q2 2017

Edition 8 | Q3 2017

Edition 9 | Q4 2017  

Edition 10 |Q1 2018

Outcomes Dashboards by Month

BOS Outcomes Dashboard – Actual vs Anticipated Results as of January 2018

BOS Outcomes Dashboard – Actual vs Anticipated Results as of February 2018

BOS Outcomes Dashboard – Actual vs Anticipated Results as of March 2018

BOS Outcomes Dashboard – Actual vs Anticipated Results as of April 2018

Defining Economic Development

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, “Economic Development” is defined as follows:
“The process in which an economy grows or changes and becomes more advanced, especially when both economic and social conditions are improved”

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